Souvenirs of the "Great Victory": the bag-a backpack and a flask

Souvenirs "Great victory": a bag-backpack and a flask are made in an inclusive craft and creative workshop of the organization of young mentally disabled people "Grani" from the city of Ivanovo where they realize themselves in the craft. Each product is a product of collective work, several young people work on each of them, learning the basics of cooperation, even if they are all very different in their capabilities: some cut products, others apply a drawing – in dot technique or fill it with stamps, then tack together, sew, iron, and make tags. Backpacks meet the following requirements: neatness of the product, attractive appearance, original decoration, style; environmental friendliness. Backpacks are sewn from natural or mélange fabrics; high wear resistance due to high-quality fabrics, double seams and reinforced threads; practicality and ease of use. A4 folders with documents are easily included, there is an internal pocket for a smartphone. You can fold to a minimum size and always carry, the backpack bag is tightened with a drawstring, quickly washed. The flask comes with a backpack.

size: 40х31х8 см

category: For life

Weight: 305 g

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