Art object "Leopard"

Lamp, decoration item. Size: 32x22. Author: Andrey Abaulin. History of the art object: In 2020 participants of the Art & Craft Workshops were engaged in the production of art objects in the form of rats, since the year was dedicated to the rat according to the Eastern calendar. And then they decided to send them to Mars. This is an act of art in support of the idea of Elon Musk, who is planning his expedition to Mars in 2024. So, art objects turned into a new generation of aircraft called "rat-planes". Each air box has its own name and history.Author's quote: "Spaceship Leopard goes for a walk. He will hold on to the planet. Six of the planets. It will last forever. With the help of his tail. And he can sleep on planets. And in a dream it will have spots on it." Organization: Art & Craft Workshops "OKOEM"

category: Art object

Weight: 450 g

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