Linen product «Rivers-fish» decorated with fabric and buttons. Made in several color combinations. Rivers-fish from the calico-flax rivers of Ivanovo-Voznesensky Krai. Textile "Rivers-fish" will help you design a themed river or sea location for a photo shoot in vests, arrange a children's holiday, a pirate party, a bay for romantic meeting. "Rivers-fish" will become an ichthyological find for decorating cafes, taverns in the spirit of the novel "Amphibian Man" with sails, sea wooden boxes, nets, anchors, gulls. Fish are sewn and released to swim in the inclusive craft and creative workshop of the organization "Grani", which employs young people with special mental needs. It is also a nice eco-friendly toy, with which the child can begin to get acquainted with the outside world.

category: Decor

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