Notepad "37 Reasons for Good"

Notepad "37 Reasons for Good". Why 37? This is the code of the Ivanovo region and the number of pages in Notepad. Currently, diaries and notebooks with motivational phrases that increase self-esteem, guide you to achieve goals, personal success, and improve your health and life are very popular. In the notebook "37 Reasons for Good", each page is imbued with a different meaning that encourages a person to virtue. Let the thoughts and teachings of preachers and prelates, public figures, scientists, and writers inspire us all to strive to learn good! And the owner of the notebook will feel like a part of a large and amazing world, where special people live next to ordinary people. Every time he takes the notebook in his hands, he will meet their mysterious world, just like our vast universe. On the cover are drawings of unusual artists-youths and young people with mental disabilities.

size: 15х21 см

category: For life

Weight: 122 g

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